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We stock an extensive range of household fuel products, including:

  • Kiln Dried Logs
  • Smokeless coal
  • Kindling
  • Wood briquettes
  • Fire lighters
  • Lighting Fuel
  • Paraffin
  • Flamers
  • Long matches

Bulk Bags of hardwood logs also available

Delivery Service. Call 01369 704003 for details.

Pop in to our store today or give us a call to order.

"New Blaze away logs now in stock"

"New" Certainly wood blaze away logs have a central hole to the core. This allows a greater amount of air into the log promoting a good bright flame from the outset. They break fairly easily which makes them ideal for smaller stoves. Packed in a plastic bag they are also easily stacked.

These logs are excellent for overnight burning as well as day to day use as they are long burning and produce a really high heat output. They produce an excellent ember which means refuelling is easy and the high heat output is maintained over a longer period.

Click here for more winter products.

  • coal
  • firelog
  • kindling
  • firelighters
  • matches
  • kindling
  • flamers
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