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Loyalty Card

Walker Home & Garden Centre Ltd operates a rewards card system (otherwise known as the “Welcome card”) based upon these terms and conditions. Updated 1st July 2021

  1. There is no charge for applying for a Welcome card.

  2. You may use your Welcome card for all purchases in the Home & Garden Centre, including the coffee shop. The card may not be used when purchasing gift vouchers or alcohol.

  3. Please present your Welcome card at the checkout prior to your purchase being processed. Points will not be issued without the card being presented. If you forget your card, points earned can be added to your account up to 30 days after your purchase. This can ONLY be done using a valid till receipt. There is no charge for this service.

  4. You will earn 5 points per pound spent in store, i.e. you will earn 5p for every £1 you spend. You will not earn points when purchases include any trade or prior agreed discounts. You may redeem your points against any purchase at the rate of 1 point equals 1 penny, i.e. 100 points can be redeemed for £1. The minimum amount redeemable is £1. The maximum amount redeemable is £5 per day.

    The points cannot be exchanged for cash, used along with gift vouchers or used in any other way.

  5. If you have supplied a valid email address we will use this to contact you with offers or other events etc that we think will interest you, approximately once a month. If you have not supplied an email address we will post you details infrequently. We would encourage members to sign up for an email account and keep us informed of any changes to this. You can update your email address at

  6. You can allocate up to four cards to any one account. You may cancel one or all of your cards at any time without cost. Any points stored against your account will be deleted and are not transferable to another account.

  7. Any personal data you supply will be used by Walkers to set up your Welcome card account. We may also use your details to contact you with offers we feel may interest you. Your details are not shared or sold to any third parties, other than for the purposes of Walkers contacting you. At all times your details are stored securely, either on data encrypted servers or within locked document storage facilities. Under The Data Protection Act 1988 you may request a copy of any/all information we have stored about you. An administration fee of £10 will be charged for this and we aim to fulfil you request within 30 days of receipt.

  8. Your card remains the property of Walker Home & Garden Centre and should be returned or destroyed if requested by us.

  9. Any lost/stolen cards should be reported to Walkers either by post to Walker Home & Garden Centre, 361 Argyll Street, Dunoon, PA23 7RN or by email to A replacement card can be issued and any points accumulated can be transferred to your new card. A cost of £1 for the replacement card will be charged for this service.

  10. If you are returning any items purchased you must also present you rewards card for any points earned to be removed. Failure to do so will result in your card being withdrawn.

  11. Any change of your personal details should be notified to us for our records. These changes can be sent either by post to Walker Home & Garden Centre, 361 Argyll Street, Dunoon PA23 7RN or by email to No fee will be charged for this service. Walkers do not accept responsibility for not receiving any communication sent to us.

  12.  Walker Home & Garden Centre reserves the right to change any of the Terms and Conditions without notice. However, we will endeavour to give Welcome card holder’s appropriate notice of any changes to T&Cs.

  13. If Walkers believe that any card holder is abusing the scheme we will cancel the card and any points that are associated to the card. Walker Home & Garden Centre’s word is final in any disputes. Should any issue become a legal matter Scottish law will apply over any other.

  14. Points will only be issued to the cardholder and are not transferable to any other cardholder account.

  15. Points accrued will expire after 365 days if no purchase is made within this period.

  16. By applying for membership of the scheme and use of the Welcome card the applicant accepts all terms and Conditions.